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What is Deliverance?

Deliverance is an epic fantasy Angels vs Demons cooperative dungeon crawl board game that first within the Biblical narrative.

You command an elite Angelic hero in the army of Light and fight the forces of Darkness in the modern-day war between Heaven and Hell. You are tasked with delivering a town and its citizens from a mighty, fallen Prince that commands legions of demons.

Danger grows as the Darkness intensifies after every round of battle. You must survive through hordes of demonic foes to slay the Prince, and you must simultaneously battle against the ever increasing and unpredictable darkness emanating from humans in the physical realm around you. The variety of dangers force meaningful player choices as you must decide how to spend your limited resources to overcome the darkness.

If you fail, the darkness will spread without end. Send your demonic adversaries to the abyss by the power of God, to be chained in darkness until their judgment day!

How many players / How long?

Deliverance is for 1-4 players, and takes 60 – 120 mins to play, depending on # of players. Game set-up time is only 5 minutes.

Where can I learn more?

We are actively working on the game and sharing the latest on our mailing list and our Facebook Group. Stuff will only make it to our website when it is complete, so if you want the insider’s scoop, that is where you will find it.

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