An Epic Adventure About Angels, Demons,

& The Saints Caught Between


A Game About Angels, Demons, & The Saints Caught Between

$314,374 Raised on Kickstarter!

Can you deliver the saints from the Darkness?

Since the victory on the Cross, you have hunted the Fallen Princes that lead the demonic hordes from the shadows. After centuries of tracking, you have found their base of operations – the unassuming town of Fallbrook.

A strange darkness sits heavy upon the town, and the quiet cry for deliverance is heard among the humans. You tighten your grip on your blade and come up with a plan, for the Father of Lies is cunning, and this town is too insignificant… what conspiracy lay hidden here?

Choose your hero and act as the Hand of God against the Forces of Darkness, controlled by the game itself. Blessed with stewardship over Heavenly relics and holy powers, unleash your God-given gifts to slay demonic foes, cast down the Darkness, and deliver the saints. 

Send your adversaries to the abyss to await their final judgment day!

The highest crowdfunded Christian game ever.

Crafted BY gamers FOR gamers.

Welcome to Fallbrook!

It’s nice here.

You’ll find your stay pleasant, and the weather’s great!

And aside from that church in old town, it’s pretty peaceful around here, too.

Fallbrook might have its share of secrets, but it’s not like some of those big urban cities. Why, you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I heard coming from those places. You’d think demons practically rule those cities!

Enjoy your stay! Don’t you worry about a thing — we’ll take right care of you.

Hey, uh… where’d you say you came from, stranger?

Choose your hero!

You command an elite angelic warrior, blessed by God with mighty gifts of strength, wisdom, and power over the very elements themselves!

You will grow in fighting prowess as you defeat the demons in tactical combat, gaining new Talents and acquiring relics of Heavenly Treasure…

Battle the Forces of Darkness!

The demons act according to their own unique skill tree, and will work in concert with the Darkness that threatens the town to slay you at all costs.

The game offers incredible variety, as the demons themselves may also gain Talents that will change their behavior and challenge you in new ways as you progress in skill level in single battle skirmishes or through the game’s campaign!

You must use more than your sword to survive!

The Darkness that enters play every turn cannot be defeated by a blade, and it will cripple and destroy you if you ignore it. In addition, the oppression of the Saints may increase the deadly flow of Darkness, so you must protect them!

You must use the power of Prayer, and unleash mighty answers from Heaven above against this threat, using all of your spiritual tools to overcome the Darkness!

Each Prayer card contains a unique effect that can turn the tide of battle back in your favor. The cards have unique card backs with highly thematic scripture flavor text, which you may want to read, as this text may clue you in to what boon the card may grant you!

Will You Deliver The Saints From Evil?

A Game About Angels, Demons, & The Saints Caught Between

Intense cooperative fantasy adventure for 1-4 players!

Which Option Will You Choose?

Standard Edition

(Lowest Price)


Comes with 5 angel characters and everything you need to play with 1-4 players in both Campaign and Skirmish modes!

Deluxe Edition

(All Gameplay Content + Angel Minis)


The Deluxe Edition comes with a total of 9 angel characters, beautiful angel miniatures (32mm scale), a larger box with awesome upgraded plastic inserts, health dials, and more!

Limited Edition

(Best Value + Limited Cosmetic Items!)


Add a giant 2″ Angel Initiative Coin, a set of 15 metal Courage tokens (1″), full-color transparent acrylic glass standees for all characters, and a huge 44″ x 27″ Neoprene Mat to your game!

Only available while supplies last.

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The Deliverance

Begins Now!

The Deliverance Begins Now!

A Tactical Combat Adventure About Angels, Demons, & The Saints Caught Between

$314,374 Raised on Kickstarter!