The Story

And It Was Night…

Pointed rooftops and tall pine trees cast long shadows over the land as the glorious light of the sun set behind the hilltops. As the lesser light of the moon began its journey over the quiet little town, a sense of dread came with it.

The greater light fades. The moon rises, and tonight… Hell rises with it.

This evening looked like any other, but its darkness was different. Something pulled at the distant but ever vivid memory of a night long past. A night that felt as though the war had been lost, where everything failed to make sense, and the depths of despair in your heart ran deeper than any shadow of darkness. The night that the rebellious angel presumed to reign over the Living God as judge, jury, and executioner.

You remember watching the man Judas Iscariot, possessed by the Lord of Darkness, leave the last supper. The soft-spoken words of your King forever burned into your memory, “What you do, do quickly.” You stood as clueless as the remaining eleven men, but you knew that Jesus spoke to the one pulling the strings of the fallen man from within.

And then you saw your Lord hung on a tree, with the Devil and his angels seemingly standing victorious.

But as soon as his spirit was released, the enemy was beaten. The sacrifice of God for the sins of the world was made. Not even death could hold Him, for on the third day he rose again and conquered the grave. You remember the truth of the matter cutting into you like a gale force wind.

Your memories match the distant feeling of dread you once had as the shadows cast long over Gethsemane that night. You stand watch today as you did then, but your orders are different this time.

Standing watch over the town of Fallbrook with weapons ready, the Archangel Michael took a breath during this brief calm and prayed for strength. This time, the host of wickedness will know the mighty blade of the Archangel.

And it was night.

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