What is Deliverance?

Deliverance is an epic “Christian Fantasy” Boardgame Adventure that features Angels vs Demons in a cooperative tactical dungeon crawler for 1-4 players. And yes, it 100% fits within the Biblical narrative while being a fantasy game!

Every game will present new challenges and offer memorable experiences at all player counts. Deliverance also features a true solo mode with a fully optimized rule set for solo players interested in taking down the Forces of Darkness with a lone Angelic warrior.

Earn victory by casting the dreadful Fallen Prince, your former fellow servant, into the abyss! Fallen from grace in the great rebellion at the beginning of time, these mighty Fallen Angels now lead the Forces of Darkness.

And ever since the war was won on the Cross over two thousand years past, they have been your primary mission.

They have fled to the four corners and into the depths of the earth, leading in secret and commanding from the shadows.

You have carefully followed the cold trail of darkness, suddenly finding a clue that the small Southern California town of Fallbrook bears the marks of the Fallen Princes.

By the hand of God Almighty, send your foes to the abyss to await their final judgment day!

What is the gameplay like?

You control a legendary angelic warrior that has a unique set of skills. Options for both beginner and advanced versions of each character allow newbies and veterans alike to experience the wonder of the game.

You will grow in power with each victory earned through Angelic weapons and armor called Heavenly Treasure.

You must work together to destroy your demonic adversaries in physical combat. However, the humans in the physical realm around you have a heavy influence on the spiritual – You must protect the saints from demonic oppression, or you must face the Darkness that rises instead… It will bolster your enemies and cripple you unless you cast down Strongholds, guard the saints, and hold back the Darkness through your prayers.

Deliverance features an action selection system, allowing standard moves, or powerful abilities, provided you have the Courage to activate them.

The “Forces of Darkness” represent the adversaries of the game and feature multiple levels of difficulty – demons of various kinds and the deadly Fallen Princes are controlled by the game itself, and thus requires no “dungeon master” to play.

You must survive waves of demon warriors to discover the identity of the Fallen Prince, and then face this master of evil on the battlefield for victory! Fallen Prince encounters feature some level of scripting through an innovative new system that pays homage to some of the greatest MMO boss encounters of the past, while offering enough unpredictability to guarantee boss battles feel fluid and challenging every time you play.

If you think this game is going to be a “good guys always win” event, think twice… The forces of Hell will not cease to slay you where you stand, and will not go down without a fight.

How many players / How long / Ages?

Deliverance is for 1-4 players, and takes 30 – 120 mins to play, depending on # of players and game mode (Campaign: 30-60min, Skirmish: 1-2 hrs). Game set-up time is between 5-10 minutes. The recommended age is 14+.

Where can I learn more?

We are actively working on the game and sharing the latest every week in our Facebook Group (link here) and in a roundup each month to our mailing list (Subscribe Here).

We’re eventually going to Kickstarter, so please subscribe if you want to help bring this project to life!